2013 Lawrence Zombie Walk Sponsors

Monday, August 13, 2012

A reminder of the walk rules

Zombie Walk Rules and Etiquette 1. Participants are responsible for their own safety. Stay on the sidewalk, cross quickly with the signals, don't block traffic. Don't mob the cars, block the businesses or pound on any windows. 2. Touch no one. Don't try to scare the bystanders (especially children). If someone looks scared, just move on. 3. No drugs or alcohol. Just don't. 4. Don't make any messes. Bloody handprints make the Mass Street businesses unhappy. Littering makes everyone unhappy. Destruction of property is illegal and makes the police unhappy. 5. Any weapons should clearly be fake, and never point even a fake weapon at anyone. 6. Please leave your pets at home for their safety, the Zombie Walk is crowded and confusing.

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  1. My girls have been talking about the walk for the last year. They are very excited.